Matthieu Litt


Graphic designer, before completing his education in photography (Ecole des Arts Saint-Luc Liège), Matthieu Litt is mainly interested, in his practice and his approach, by the concept of distance and closeness, the means by which the tracks can be blurred, the markers between images coming from horizons or from radically different contexts.

This gave him the opportunity, in just three years, to produce two first books highly noticed by the critics and amateurs, Horsehead Nebula first (from a trip to former Soviet republics), then Tidal Horizon, which brews images taken, for the most part, during a recent residence in Norway. In a short time, he has become a name and a style in the field of emerging artistes in Belgium, essentially using photography but without exclusivity, and contributing to a growing number of editorial projects.

Allusive and contemplative, at once enigmatic and poetic, his malleable universe is readily available in sophisticated scenography – the work presentation to enrich the scope meaning as much for him as the creation of the images themselves. This reconstruction also makes it possible to find critical angles and oblique different from the traditional ways to awaken the public, for example, on the environmental and consumer issues, which are close to his heart.