Art Room Bxl

is an intersection of concepts, a new experience for travellers who love art/photography and enjoy staying at contemporary boutique hotel.

You dream:

of sleeping in an art gallery?

of resting immersed in a unique photography?

of discovering new talented Belgian photographer?

Art Room Bxl offers you that exact experience; each bedroom is a minimalist white shell designed to showcase a unique photography. All artists, Belgian or living in Belgium, have “carte blanche” to select artworks which are exhibited for one month. Every month, openings & tables d’hôtes are organized to give a chance to a maximum of people to discover photographer’s artworks and exchange with him.

Art Room Bxl promotes young talented Belgian photographers (and photographers living in Belgium), hosts you in a minimalist cocoon and offers advice to enjoy at best your art activities and food & drinks experiences in Brussels. Art Room Bxl is a boutique hotel welcoming guests to stay in peaceful white bedroom showcasing a unique photography from a Belgian artists.